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World Standard - Asagao

World Standard - Asagao

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World Standard is a pseudonym of prolific Japanese artist Suzuki Sohichiro who first began releasing music back in the early eighties. Fusing world, folk, pop and experimental ambience "Asagao" is a continuation of Suzuki's journey. Across two sides of vinyl he enchants and charms with his cinematic visions, playful oriental melodies and soft warm sounds. Perfect listening for a lazy, dreamy afternoon. Highly recommended!

Label: Conatala


Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Genre: Ambient / Experimental / Folk

Released: 30th September 2020


A1. 麦秋: Wheat Harvest

A2. 夜会(ソワレ): Soiree

A3. 西は西: West is West

A4. プリマ: Prima

A5. カナリヤ: Canary

B1. 苺: Strawberry

B2. 砂の水: Sand Water

B3. 森: Forest

B4. 曲芸: Acrobatics

B5. 帽子とステッキ: Hat and Walking Stick

B6. ハンカチで汗を拭え: Wipe Sweat With a Handkerchief

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