About Us

Out Of Joint opened its doors in the summer of 2018, founded by 3 lifelong friends who’ve made music, played music and danced to music together for well over a decade. With an aim to overcome the frustration of having to travel outside our home city of Leicester to buy the music we’re passionate about, and a ton of retail experience between us, opening a shop seemed the natural thing to do. 


Leicester has a long lineage of record shops, but the past 15 years or so has seen many of them close their doors. We wanted to re-energise record shop culture in our city and build a hub for people to come listen, chat, hang and exchange ideas; a small unit with cheap rent was found. We fitted it out ourselves, and using the best distributors plus a curated selection of second hand we filled the record bins. OOJ was born.


Music and fashion go hand in hand. We work closely with two great clothing brands; The Trilogy Tapes and Good Morning Tapes. Great quality gear from lovely people heavily entrenched within niche peripherals of fashion and music. TTT is headed up by Will Bankhead who plays a massive part in the artistic direction of Cav Empt and Palace Skateboards (he’s been involved in loads of other great projects, worth a Google), whilst GMT is headed up by all round nice guy, Biscuit, who jams with the Perks & Mini familia and has created work with the legendary Fergadelic. We treat our clothing like we treat our records… no filler, nothing we wouldn’t wear or listen to ourselves. 


We hope you enjoy our shop, feel free to get in touch, we’re always available to speak to either via the telephone or email.