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XCPT Music

Various Artists - Time Horizon III

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  • Italy's XCPT Music with their third showcase EP. This one featuring some strong broken techno and Juke/Footwork style hybrid cuts. Served up on a transparent 12" vinyl. Sweet!

    Label: XCPT Music

    Cat No: XTIME003

    Format: Transparent 12" Vinyl

    Genre: Breakbeat / Electro / Leftfield

    Released: 3rd February 2020


    A1. Modes - FB2thsn

    A2. Train To Eltanin - Amino Acid Side Chains

    A3. DJ Plant Texture - Yeah Boy

    B1. Nothus - Konnor 3012

    B2. Marco Segato - Pirate Utopias [live]

    B3. Soreab - AVP