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Em Records

Various Artists - S.D.S =Zero= (Subscription Double Suicide)

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  • Twelve tracks of Japanese Pop / Trap / Rap / Hip Hop from seventeen new independent Japanese artists via the wonderful Em Records. 

    Label: Em Records

    Cat No: EM1192LP

    Format: 12" Vinyl LP

    Genre: Hip Hop / Experimental / Electronic

    Released: 19th June 2020


    A1. Dove - Irrational

    A2. Lil Soft Tennis - Feelin' Love

    A3. 玉名ラーメン - Angelnumber

    A4.  Karavi Roushi And Aquadab - Tokyoite - Val Kilmer (Love Her)

    A5. Valknee + ANTIC - 人生最高のSSS (2020 Mix)

    A6. NTsKi - Labyrinth Of Summer (KM Remix)

    B1. Seaketa - よい

    B2. Menace無 - Lucky Guess

    B3. lIlI - 悪夢

    B4. CVN - Withoutu

    B5. S亜TOH - MLC

    B6. Le Makeup - Ray