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Mélodies Souterraines

Various Artists – K/L

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  • A wicked collection of Japanese / European crossover music from France's Mélodies Souterraines imprint. 

    "Following up with an all new chapter, Mélodies Souterraines
    introduces ‘K/L’ - a compilation under the sign of Japan and its
    european connections. It’s not without reason that our occidental
    countries developed a high love for japanese fantaisies and originality. A refined vision juggling between drama and irony, truly driven by a romantic approach of life, that reflects the constant modernity operating in this country. To install you in the right mood for love, the idea was to produce a smooth/equilabrated long-play 12"... Esthetically attractive, musically evocative."

    Label: Mélodies Souterraines

    Cat No: SUBREC0645

    Format: Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Compilation LP

    Genre: Synth-Pop / Electro / New Wave / Experimental

    Released: 20th September 2021


    K1. Manuel Duval - Dites 33

    K2. Andy Rantzen, David Sudmalis - You Fell To The Floor Of The Sea

    K3. Zmatsutsi - Mogadishu (Alternative Version)

    K4. Miyako Koda - Sleep In Peace

    L1. Free Disco - You Are My Sculpture (Heterosexual Mix)

    L2. Electrodelia - Sister

    L3. Tolouse Low Trax - Reserves To Talk

    L4. Tase - Analyze