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Freedom To Spend

Uman - Chaleur Humaine

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  • UMAN’s Chaleur Humaine, the debut album from the French duo of musicians and siblings Danielle and Didier Jean, resurfaces for the first time since its original release in 1992. While history, both private and public, is scattered with creative relationships between siblings that simply “did not work,” UMAN’s story is uniquely different and defined by this bond, and a shared journey impressing footprints along an adventurous musical terrain.

    C’est cette force quasi animale
    Chaude comme un baiser
    Fraiche comme la rosée matinale
    Qu’on nomme chaleur humaine

    * Throughout the album, you will find this text interpreted in eight different languages.

    Label: Freedom To Spend

    Cat No: FTS021

    Format: 12" Vinyl LP

    Genre: Ambient / New Age

    Released: 12th November 2021


    A1. Человечность

    A2 UMAN Spirit

    A3. Aubade

    A4. Human Warmth

    A5. Entrelacs

    A6. Mémoire Vive

    A7. Chaleur Humaine

    B1. الحرارة البشري

    B2. Cordes Sensibles

    B3. Atmosphere

    B4. Calor Humano

    B5. Hội âm Của Nhân Loại

    B6. Lalala

    B7. Menselijke Warmte

    B8. Ménestrel

    B9. אש אנושית