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Studio 16

The Upsetters With Vin Gordon ‎- Musical Bones

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  • This extremely rare Upsetters & Vin Gordon set was first released back in 1975 as a limited run of 300 white-label pressing with no sleeve on Dip Records which now sells for upwards of £400 on cogs. Packed with all the elements you'd expect from a stellar Lee Perry album, deep, sparse, raw and edgy. Pure raw Jamaican roots music. Do Not Miss!

    Label: Studio 16

    Cat No: STU16LP 015

    Format: 12" Vinyl LP

    Genre: Dub / Reggae / Roots

    Released: 25th August 2020


    A1. Coco-Macca

    A2. Fly Away

    A3. The Message

    A4. Licky-Licky

    A5. Labrish

    B1. Quinge Up

    B2. Raw-Chaw

    B3. 5 Cardiff Crescent

    B4. Four Of A Kind

    B5. Voodoo Man