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Honest Jon's

The Doudou Ndiaye Rose Family - Twenty-One Sabar Rhythms

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  • Magnificent Wolof drum music, performed by an extended griot family over seven consecutive days, in the mystical setting of Lac Rose, outside Dakar.

    These original compositions sit alongside important traditional rhythms, familiar to every Sabar player, such as Farwu Jar (a courtship game sometimes resulting in a wedding), Ceebu Jin (also the name of the national dish of fish and rice), and Gumbé, often played after a successful harvest.

    Recorded in joyful single takes, with no overdubs, mastered by Rashad Becker, the music is deep and thrilling, polyrhythmic to the bone, with a complex, pointillistic intensity at times evoking Jeff Mills in full flight.

    Label: Honest Jon's Records

    Cat No: HJRLP 087

    Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP

    Genre: World / Wolof Drum / African

    Released: 11th July 2022


    A1. Niary Ngorong

    A2. Gumbè

    A3. Kaolack

    A4. Fass

    A5. Farwu Jar

    A6. Ardin Lent

    A7. Ardin Rapide

    B1. Ceebu Jen

    B2. Baar Mbaye

    B3. Mbabass

    B4. Xibar

    B5. Dey Sey

    B6. Seut Yi

    C1. Toco

    C2. Yendulen

    C3. Dalalba

    C4. Les Rosettes

    D1. Ndiouk

    D2. Penthie Me

    D3. Diakhay Malay

    D4. Tagoo