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Mar & Sol

Super Mama Djombo - Na Cambança

Super Mama Djombo - Na Cambança

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Mar & Sol presents the reissue of "Na Cambança" LP, the first album from Guiné Bissau's Super Mama Djombo. Created from sessions captured back in 1980, Na Cambanca captured the sounds of independence for the little, yet musical West African tropical paradise.

Label: Mar & Sol

Cat No: MSR004

Format: 12" Vinyl LP (Import)

Released: 23rd January 2020


A1. Cambança Djombo

A2. N'simba

A3. Seiango

A4. Ramédi Cu Kata Cura

B1. Pamparira 79

B2. Luta Kana Maina Nº 1

B3. Sûr di Nô Pubis

B4. Amélia Mané 

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