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Group Bracil

Spectacular Diagnostics - Natural Mechanics

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  • The Chicago-based hip-hop producer Spectacular Diagnostics has built a career on crafting spacey beats that he playfully tags “moon-bap”—an ethereal fusion of levitating synth lines, crackling drum patterns, and sci-fi spot effects. He’s also proved to be one of the savviest spotters of upcoming MC talent, banking early collaborations with the Griselda Records stable, and packing last year’s Raw Unknown with an expanded guest roster headed up by billy woods, Rome Streetz, and Quelle Chris. But on Natural Mechanics, Spectacular Diagnostics has drifted into more bucolic sonic climes, narrowing down the vocal features to a lean list that includes the MCs lojii, Immi Larusso, and Jeremiah Jae and teasing blissful melodies out of smartly chopped loops to compose dreamy pastoral beatscapes.

    Mid-album cut “Molasses” is built from little more than sharp, psychedelic twangs of sitar that play off an elegiac vibraphone. “Phosphorescent” lurches with an intoxicating swagger thanks to its bluesy piano arpeggios; “Like Me” is a treble-heavy showcase of filtered vocal loops, and “Honeycombs” employs clusters of static to amplify its serene feel. On album closer “Them Last Kings,” guest Jeremiah Jae casts lyrical spells, rapping about emerging from the shadows to find space to breathe, over a waltzing backdrop of softly undulating bass and a blanket of the most soothing sonic fuzz—the perfect encapsulation of the album’s tranquil hip-hop charms.

    Label: Group BraCil

    Cat No: GB027

    Format: 12" Vinyl LP

    Genre: Hip Hop / Jazz / Downtempo

    Released: December 2021


    A1. Calibration (Intro)

    A2. Skywriting

    A3. _less than

    A4. Stick Around

    A5. After I

    A6. Medicinal Properties

    A7. Dreams Of The Ox

    A8. Fish

    A9. Molasses

    B1. Health & Success

    B2. Fly Mechanics

    B3. Air Pegasus

    B4. Like Me

    B5. Alright

    B6. Phosphorescent

    B7. Hard Done

    B8. Honeycombs

    B9. Them Last Kings