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Roxane Métayer - Perlée De Sève

Roxane Métayer - Perlée De Sève

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"In the midst of a wave of hybridizing ambient, drone, folklore and experimental electroacoustic music, Roxane Métayer has gained a cult following with only a couple of releases to date. Following her debut album (Éclipse Des Ocelles) for Morc with a split EP and a limited cassette for Wabi-Sabi, Roxane now turns to Marionette with her intimate narrative based multi-instrumental recordings, a match made in the heavens if you ask us. With her violin, woodwind, voice and various effect pedals, Métayer takes the listener on a newfound journey into the ancient, medieval, and primordial."

Label: Marionette

Cat No: Marionette021

Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP

Genre: Drone / Ambient / Experimental

Release Date: 1st February 2023


A1. Limace pâlissante

A2. Oeil noir, crin jaune

A3. Galets galactiques

A4. Miroir mouvant    

A5. Ramure de vieil arbre

A6. Esprit escargot

B1. D'humeur droïne

B2. Trois signes dans le sable

B3. Ode au feu

B4. Baume paralume

B5. Nuage sans âge

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