Pinch - Border Control

Pinch - Border Control

Berceuse Heroique

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Cat No: BH059

Format: 12" Vinyl


A1. Border Control

B1. Fortune Tellers

B2. Loose Cables

Pinch on BH, the sound of standing next to a Mercedes 207d with the system stacked up behind the back doors and the generator pounding away in the room next door. 
With Border Control, what Pinch has managed to do here is to capture the feeling of skinning up in the corner with a the last of the hash, a small torch and your mate curled up on the floor next to you wanting to go back to the car, but not being able to be coherent enough to tell you.
We could describe the other two for you but we are sure you get the picture, this is proper sound system music.
What more can we say this is  the kind of music we opened the shop for. 


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