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Malvern Brume - Pacing The Hollow Path

Malvern Brume - Pacing The Hollow Path

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Kindred London launch their new "TEETH" imprint with a sublime audio tapestry from Rory Salter's Malvern Brume alias. Having already notched up a number of great releases on the likes of MAL Recordings, Kashual Plastik, Low Company, Alter and Infant Tree, Salter's audio collage works weave and wander the otherwordly and disorientating plane conjuring images of rural walks through endless countryside. A totally unique and engaging listen that takes you on a journey all of your own while still painting the picture of someone else's. Excellent stuff and buzzing to see Kindred putting out great records! 

Label: TEETH

Cat No: TEETH001

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Genre: Ambient / Experimental

Released: 27th January 2023


 A1. I

A2. II


B1. IV

B2. V

B3. VI

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