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Lord Of The Isles Feat. Ellen Renton - WHITIES 029

Lord Of The Isles Feat. Ellen Renton - WHITIES 029

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A beautiful and spellbinding collaboration from Lord Of The Isles and Scottish poet Ellen Renton. Stunning and reflective, Renton's poems touch upon climate change, both in the past and future whilst floating over distressed, lo-fi cinematic beds that remind us, in part of The Caretaker. Highly Recommended!

“Ellen’s poem ’Passing' blew me away and I felt compelled to provide it with a musical accompaniment. I liked how Ellen's vocal recording sounded lo-fi, so I created an environment around it to make it feel cinematic.” ‘Inheritance’ the closing track, picks up where ‘Passing’ leaves off, completing a journey it feels like many of us will experience."

Label: Whities

Cat No: WHITIES029

Format: 12" Vinyl (Import)

Genre: Ambeint / Experimental / Avant Garde

Released: 1st May 2020


A1. One Lifetime Is Not Long Enough For Us

A2. Waiting In Arisaig

B1. Passing Feat. Ellen Renton

B2. Inheritance Feat. Ellen Renton 


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