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Boomkat Editions

Leila Bordreuil - Not An Elegy

Leila Bordreuil - Not An Elegy

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Leila takes her cello in to a closed subway station on side A of this record and records an aggressive emotive nearly twenty minute piece which captures the space and the days to day hecticness of the subway perfectly. The trains clatter in the background and the noise of the cello bounces off the tunnel walls, at some points it's hard to keep up with the franticness of the sound but you are rewarded at the end of your journey by reaching your destination. 

On side B you come across a haunting mediation of sound, recorded in her hallway using a combination of an old piano, microphones and sine waves. The result is layers of movement that you can mentally ride along. Both sides of this superb record are journeys to different places one full of obstacles and the other has a soft wind blowing you in the right direction. Boomkat Editions never miss, they are there to be bought understood and cherished.

Label: Boomkat Editions / Documenting Sound


Format: Silver 12" Vinyl

Genre: Ambient / Modern Classical

Released: 10th February 2022


A1. For Tamio

B1. Past Continuous

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