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Editions Basilic

John M. Bennett - A Flattened Face Fogs Through

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  • A perfect jumping off point to the weird, wonderful and peculiar world of cult figure John M. Bennett. ‘A Flattened Face Fogs Through’ sets Bennett’s unusual poetry to a wide range of similarly obscure musical accompaniments. Proper odd just like we like it. It's got us feeling like we've just got back from the mad hatters tea party. 

    Label: Editions Basilic

    Cat No: EBS2003LP

    Format: 12" Vinyl LP w/ Full Colour 21 Page 8.5" x 11" Booklet

    Genre: Experimental / Spoken Word / Ambient

    Released: 13th January 2022


    A1. Cake

    A2. Wire / Forcefeet / Looming Down

    A3. The Tranmission

    A4. Autophagia 19

    A5. No Sax

    A6. The Drive / Discharge / The Roof Ripped Off / Stone With A Hole

    A7. Garbage At Sea

    A8. Bag Talk

    A9. Pod King 6

    A10. Last In Line

    B1. Shirt

    B2. Pants

    B3. After The Crown

    B4. Cranial Pain

    B5. The Blur

    B6. Rorrim

    B7. Deaf

    B8. Radius

    B9. Snuffling It Off / Oh Twister

    B10. The Shirt The Sheet

    B11. Evird Eht