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Macadam Mambo

Houschyar - Mavi

Houschyar - Mavi

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After his debut LP ‘Temmuz’, released at the beginning of last year, Houschyar is back on Macadam Mambo with his new album: a less danceable but more personal opus. Being locked up on the rooftops of Istanbul, Houschyar repurposed a satellite dish, making use of its perfectly round and concave shape to create strange metallic-sounding percussive loops which he painted with sonic atmospheres that contained diverse shades of blue. ‘Mavi’ is an introspective pallet of emotions condensed into 7 hybrid compositions highly improvised which divagate into a very jazzy modern state of mind, jamming with pianos, electronic organs and rhythm boxes to produce another type of spiritual music that sounds absolutely timeless.

Label: Macadam Mambo

Cat No: MMLPXX202

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Genre: Ambient / Jazz / Experimental

Released: 28th September 2021


A1. The Music Of The Street  

A2. Blue 1  

A3. Satellite 1 

A4. Temassiz 

B1. Untitled 26  

B2. Satellite 6 

B3. One More 4 Blue 

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