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  • His Name Is Alive - Return To Never - Out Of Joint Records
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His Name Is Alive - Return To Never

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  • Label: Disciples

    Cat No: DISC6

    Format: 12" Clear Transparent Vinyl w/ Liner Notes & DL Card

    Released: 28th February 2020


    A1. Return To Never

    A2. Lake Night

    A3. Morning Machine

    A4. Early Version

    A5. Piano V

    A6. To Remember

    B1. My Thoughts Are To Thee Drawn

    B2. Guitar Echo

    B3. Forever Getting Lost

    B4. Chords

    B5. From The Night Tape

    B6. Descending

    B7. Last thing Thought Of

    B8. Whitesnake

    B9. Gone

    Warren Defever aka His Name Is Alive returns to the brilliant disciples imprint for the 2nd instalment of his excellent teenage tape experiment trilogy. The follow-up to "All The Mirrors In The House" and the second of three compilations focussing on tracks made by Warren between 1979 and 1986. Expect more blissful ambient tones, otherworldly, echo-drenched guitar instrumentals and plenty of tape hiss pulsating through analogue murk and greyscale industrial drone. As with the 1st instalment each side plays continuously with no banding between tracks. Another excellent record from the one they call His Name Is Alive. A totally immersive listen from start to finish that we highly recommend. Stunning *****