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His Name Is Alive - All The Mirrors In The House (Home Recordings 1979 - 1986)

His Name Is Alive - All The Mirrors In The House (Home Recordings 1979 - 1986)

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Cat No: DISC3

Release Date: 21/06/2019

Format: Clear 12" Vinyl LP. Includes printed inner sleeve with liner notes. Includes download card for the digital edition of the album which is 15 separate tracks.

Both sides play continuously through


01. Piano Rev

02. Lliadin

03. Something About Hope

04. All The Mirrors In The House

05. Because Piano

06. Rememory

07. Tape Sound

08. Guitar Rev

09. Fine as Feathers

10. Reflection Pool

11. Equally Divided

12. Tape Slow

13. Outside the Window

14. Echo Lake

Unearthed DIY ambient tape loops from the teenage mind of Warren Defever aka His Name Is Alive. With the help of Shelley Salant of Tyvek the original and ageing cassettes have been transferred and annotated resulting in a beautiful sequence of gently decaying, floating drone all made way back when on one of the most primitive set-ups. 

As Defever recounts in the liner notes: “By age ten, I had a tape recorder and was using it to capture the sounds of nearby lakes, thunderstorms, and my older brother’s LP collection played at the wrong speeds. As a teenager, I got deep into all kinds of music - punk, new age, blues - and played bass in the high school jazz band, as well as studying Bach chorale harmonization and counterpoint. My first album consists of rhythm tracks made of loops of the next door neighbour raking leaves and shovelling the driveway with echoey guitars and vocals with lyrics about ghosts.” 

Brilliant stuff from The Disciples. Highly Recommended.

15. F Choir


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