His Name Is Alive - 6teen Ok (Limited Edition Cassette)

His Name Is Alive - 6teen Ok (Limited Edition Cassette)


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Cat No: DISC3.5

Format: Limited Edition Cassette Tape

 A mixtape companion volume to the recently released archival LP All The Mirrors In The House, this unique sound collage also revisits the formative years of HNIA in Livonia, Michigan. It veers away from ambient dream states and instead finds a mid-1980s Warren Defever holed up in his room riffing away for hours on end in a teenage trance, radio tuned to the local FM dial - chunks of legendary Detroit shows such as the Electrifying Mojo and well known pop hits bleed in and out of the static haze, interspersed with ecstatic guitar drift, Cramps covers, field recordings, 5 second blasts of disco-boogie, school yard chants and the kind of corruscating feedback you might find on a Wolf Eyes record.

A second volume in a planned trilogy of LPs exploring the His Name Is Alive archives will be released early next year.


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