Half Nelson - Self Title EP

Half Nelson - Self Title EP

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Cat No: S7H-002

Format: 12" Vinyl


A1. Feel Out

A2. Universal Mind

A3. I Am Not So Selfish

B1. The Panther

B2. Eli Dub

B3. Dial Out

William Yates, based in Bristol UK, has been working under a different alias for ten years, with music design to reach the listening on a more cerebral level. Music for your mind, under the name Memotone (Black Acre Records), which is memory tone, or memories in musical form.After working on often quieter, more reflective music for so long, he decided to make something more physical. Music for the body rather than for the mind. To separate the projects he came up with a new name to reflective of the more intentional physicality of the music. Half Nelson is a wrestling move. Something you do with your bodyrather than your mind (without going to far into the psyche of a wrestler!) Memotone is music for your mind, Half Nelson is music for your body.The self titled EP was written and produced by Halfnelson, through a full hardware setup - synths, drum machines, samplers, and real instruments, recording everything outboard.


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