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Spinny Nights / Memorials Of Distinction

Grove - Queer + Black

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  • Sweaty, grimy, kind of digi dancehall-esq dance floor filling tunes. Decolonisation, euphoric rave, equality for all, empowering diversity. This record has it all, and Grove does it authentically. Listen up. Listen. 

    Label: Spinny Nights / Memorials Of Distinction

    Cat No: SPINNY004

    Format: Red / Black 12" Vinyl LP

    Genre: Dancehall / Experimental

    Released: 18th February 2022


    A1. Sticky

    A2. Ur Boyfriend's Wack

    A3. Black

    A4. F-I-U

    A5. Fuck Ur Landlord

    B1. Ring A Roses

    B2. Ur Boyfriend's Wack (UR Worst Nightmare Remix)

    B3. Intent

    B4. BBB (Dark + Nutty Remix)