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Good Morning Tapes

GMT49 X.Y.R. - Vision Quest

GMT49 X.Y.R. - Vision Quest

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This tape is another worthy addition to the GMT canon, lush far away places sounds which ooze and almost liquid lounge vibe, is that possible? The sound of the tropics but through wire framed glasses as you sit back in comfort, it might be just a soft blanket or even the cushioning of a padded moss covered rock, but it could also be a riverboat with full luxury and a bamboo chaise longue, who know's? What X.Y.R has captured is something special and some thing which is getting rarer and rarer, this is far away music, something that transports you away, a break from reality. Bathe us in this kind of music and let us turn wrinkly with time.

Cat No: GMT49

Format: Cassette

Genre: Ambient / New Age / Experimental

Released: 16th March 2022


A1. Palaruvi Healing Falls

A2. Thirumalai Kovil Steps

B1. Dervish Dance

B2. Black Sky Chant

B3. Secret Path to North Cliff

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