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Good Morning Tapes

GMT46 Ultravillage - Elements

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  • The latest offering from the wonderful Good Morning Tapes is a blissful mixtape of wondering ambience and new age sounds from the brilliant Mark Griffey, the man behind the infamous Ultravillage. 

    "For this mix, my theme was the elements - water, earth, air and fire, with the first two represented on side one and the latter two represented on the second side. Many artists here integrate the sounds of nature in their recordings, or use their instruments to evoke the elements." - Mark Griffey

    Incredible stuff as always. These won't be around for long!

    Highly Recommended every time!

    Label: Good Morning Tapes

    Cat No: GMT46

    Format: Cassette

    Genre: Ambient / New Age / Mixtape

    Released: 27th August 2021