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Global Warming Records

Franziska Lantz - Expanding Arid Zones LP

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  • A unique and original take on Industrial Techno and Darkwave. Exceptional experimentation. 

    Label: Global Warming Records

    Cat No: GWR 14.3°C/ 57.8°F

    Format: 2 x hand-stamped 12" Vinyl LP in individually spray painted sleeve

    Released: 8th June 2017

    Genre: Techno / Experimental


    A1. warmup14

    A2. ds organ

    A3. es go!

    A4. bs

    A5. Salute

    A6. warmup 50-52

    A7. hotter

    B1. On!

    B2. one more day

    B3. windmoaner

    B4. warmup 64

    C1. poleward subtropical dryzone expansion

    C2. Sunjazzer

    C3. Extroops

    D1. Plan escape route

    D2. Run for it

    D3. centerwards

    D4. gs 27-29

    D5. lazer slow

    D6. qb end