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Em Records

Finis Africae A Last Discovery: The Essential Collection, 1984-2001

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  • A beautiful, deep spiritual oddity from Spanish collective Finis Africae via Japan's Em Records. The record you need, if you don't already have it, and if you do, get it for a valued friend. Highly, highly recommended!

    Label: Em Records

    Cat No: EM113DLP

    Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl Compilation LP Gatefold

    Genre: Ambient / World / Folk / Experimental


    A1. Radio Tarifa (Tarifa Radio)

    A2. Zoo Zulu (Zulu Zoo)

    A3. Triciclos en La Chopera (La Chopera Tricycles)

    A4. Pirulo, cambia cromos (Pirulo Exchange Trading Cards)

    A5. Segundos, segundos, segundos (Seconds Seconds Seconds)

    A6. Luna (Moon)

    B1. Los pobres del mundo tocan el bombo (Poor People of the World Play the Bass Drum)

    B2. El abrazo de la selva (The Jungle Hug)

    B3. Los colores de mis botas (The Colors of My Boots)

    B4. Juana y Rosalia (Juana and Rosalia)

    B5. Hybla (Hybla)

    C1. Suite Amazonica (Amazonian Suite)

    C2. Danca do corpo (Dance of Body)

    C3. Remontando El Purus (Going Up The Purus River)

    C4. Hassell, el oso hormiguero (Hassell the Anteater)

    D1. El baile de Sara (Sara’s Dance)

    D2. Masai Mara (Mara Masai)

    D3. Bahia de los Genoveses (The Bay of Genoa)