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Emma DJ - Godrime

Emma DJ - Godrime

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Smoked-out rap and electronix from pivotal Parisian DJ/producer, Emma DJ . Out on Lee Gambles UIQ imprint. 26 new killer tracks that were birthed out of an intense period of isolation. With a tonne of features, including Bambounou, Cambyse, Eugene Blove, Lemaire, Kamilya Kuspanova, Lediouck, Lily Standefer, Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Nono Ekichii, Otro, Pierre Dagba, Swan Meat, Tmongo and Ivre Ciroc. 

Label: UIQ

Cat No: UIQLP005

Format: Cassette

Genre: Rap / Trap / Experimental

Released: 5th November 2021


A1. suisse sec de bercy

A2. big ben

A3. king$ize

A4. coco eckichii

A5. lilchou

A6. malicorne

A7. 911 obi 1

A8. caresse antillaise

A9. bird (interlude)

A10. god bless good sex

A11. endormi au pef

A12. oysters 4 angel

B1. bag eye

B2. funeral (iphone)

B3. sous pills

B4. nfl

B5. amor v2

B6. abimé

B7. lemaire

B8. wet pain / golden eye

B9. rodeo

B10. b4by k3y

B11. fuck le diable

B12. planet rap

B13. slowswan

B14. i ain't right b

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