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Dijit - Hyperattention - Selected Dijital Works Vol 1

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  • An absolute killer record, if you have never heard Dijit's work then you are in for a treat. TOP TIP.

    Label: Youth

    Cat No: YO7TH

    Format: Limited edition yellow coloured 12" vinyl

    Genre: Trip Hop / Electronic / Experimental

    Released: 12th May 2020


    A1. 1772 (cover)

    A2. Morra (Abd Elghani Alsayed Cover)

    A3. Bad K

    A4. Babaakh

    A5. Natfo

    A6. Ice Cream

    A7. Lakk

    B1. Laila Elweskha

    B2. Mahragan Elahzan

    B3. Zeed

    B4. Soaad

    B5. We’re the dead