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Modern Love

Debit - The Long Count

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  • With dream like qualities that drift like clouds over the Andean Mountains. Debit has produced this incredibly hypnotic album by using Mayan flute archive recordings and ran them through ultra modern machine learning programs to create this fusion of sounds which connect millenniums of musical innovation. Sometimes easy and sometimes difficult the album has shamanic ritualistic metallic tastes running from start to end. The combination of air through wood and code through synthetic thinking creates a record that lives up to the stretching of time that the title alludes too. It is absolutely brilliant. 

    Label: Modern Love

    Cat No: LOVE121

    Format: Clear 12" Vinyl LP

    Genre: Ambient / Drone / Experimental

    Released: 17th February 2022


    A1. 1st Day

    A2. 1st Night

    A3. 5th Night

    A4. 3rd Night

    A5. 2nd Day

    B1. 5th Day

    B2. 6th Night

    B3. 4th Night

    B4. 7th Day

    B5. 7th Night