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Dean Hurley - Concrete Feather

Dean Hurley - Concrete Feather

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Lynch protégé and sound designer Dean Hurley coaxes an incredible puzzle-box of atmospheres and mood pieces in a killer contribution to Boomkat's Documenting Sound series, perhaps its most cinematic and neon-lit installment thus far. It sounds like a smudged and overdubbed copy of the Boards of Canada Maxima tape, with added iridescence.

Absolutely stunning! Highly Highly Recommended! 

Label: Boomkat Editions / Documenting Sound


Format: Emerald Coloured 12" Vinyl LP

Genre: Ambient / Done / Experimental 

Released: 27th May 2021


1. Val Verde Horizon

2. Time Folds

3. WWIII Overture

4. Concrete Dub

5. Feather

6. _________

7. DSL


9. Sky Tears

10. Anxious Romance

11. Back Again

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