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Bunny Wailer - Solomonic Singles Part 2: Rise and Shine 1977 - 1986

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Cat No: DSRLP011

Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl Gatefold LP

A pure undiluted journey through reggae history from Bunny Wailer. Solomonic Singles Part 2: Rise and Shine is an excellent retrospective of music that Neville 'Bunny Wailer' Livingston released on his own Solomonic label. These tracks were recorded around the time Bunny was in the studio laying down his first solo album 'Blackheart Man'. Every bit as good and some may say even better these singles never made it outside of Jamaica, until in 2010 Dub Store Japan began working directly with Bunny to re-release some of the singles. Double vinyl comes in gatefold sleeve with great liner notes.