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Time Capsule

Ben Tankard - All Keyed Up EP

Ben Tankard - All Keyed Up EP

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An exquisite set of ground-breaking instrumentals that capture a moment of musical alchemy and birthed a new genre - Gospel Jazz. Ben Tankard blurs the lines and fuses genres such as Jazz, Gospel, Funk, Soul and Dance to create something truly unique and refreshing. Originally released in 1989, Tankard's "All Keyed Up" album jump-started a hugely successful recording career. Nowadays he's also known as a motivational speaker, author, trained pilot (famously flying to shows in his own planes) and as the star of his own reality TV show. This collection chronicles the magic that happened at the beginning of his career, it's inspired melding of styles sounding as fresh today as when they were first put to tape on his home studio. Now lovingly remastered and pressed to vinyl courtesy of Time Capsule. Excellent.

Label: Time Capsule

Cat No: TIME005

Format: 180g 12" Vinyl w/ Linear notes


A1. Eden Celebration

A2. Melodic Heaven

B1. All Keyed Up

B2. All Keyed Up (Time Capsule Seaside Mix)

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