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Ondes HXCX

Amerza - ICON

Amerza - ICON

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Chugging, growling downtempo experiments from Amerza on Ondes HXCX. Comes with a wicked little black and white print zine. Ace!

ICON: DFAM, non-responsive Behringer mixer, Roland AP-7 Jet Phaser 1970s, Juno6, JP8000, prepared flugelhorn, Paiste cymbal, lyrics from Paradigm

Red Energy Services: DFAM, Sma vox, faux 303, broken Behringer mixer, efx

Polyrope: electroacoustic composition using voice, tape, delays, amplified cymbal, overdriven Juno.

Label: Ondes HXCX

Cat No: OND01

Format: 12" Vinyl

Genre: Downtempo / Experimental / Electronic

Released: 30th November 2019



B1. Red Energy Services

B2. Poly-rope

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