• Molero - Ficciones Del Tropico LP

    Molero - Ficciones Del Tropico LP

    Principe’s sibling label Holuzam returns with a provocative exploration of western exoticism and all its romanticised and questionable aspects. It’s the work of Venezuelan native Alexander Molero, here playing on sounds familiar from the works of Martin Denny, Jürgen Müller, Andrew Pekler and Mike Cooper, as well asVenezuela’s own electronic pioneer Alfredo del Mónaco’s pastoral wonderings. Now living in Barcelona, Molero has experienced first hand how his own cultural heritage has been romanticised by people he’s met in Europe. Taking inspiration from “the tropical lowlands to eternal snow...

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  • Sabaturin - Kenemglev

    Sabaturin - Kenemglev

    Sublime dub rhythms and synth experiments from Sabaturin on the wonderful Holuzam of Lisbon. Expertly-crafted, dubbed-out experimental electronica that moves and morphs seamlessly into glitchy dub explorations. A top album topped off with some lovely artwork. Essential.    Label: Holuzam Cat No: ZAM008 Format: 12" Vinyl LP  Genre: Experimental / Electronic Released: 13th November Tracklist: 1. Kempouezer 2. Douarek 3. Direnker 4. Razheta 5. Pastekez 6. Skaotan 7. Anton 8. Berzh 9. Mourgouskus