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Cosmo Rhythmatic

Vladislav Delay - Rakka II

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  • The slightly more peaceful and resolved sequel to 2020's 'Rakka' from Finish producer Sasu Ripatti, under his Vladislav Delay moniker. Another immersive and thrilling sonic painting of the beauty and danger of the forces of nature. While this album has a lighter feel than it's predecessor it is has been constructed from a range of extreme musical styles including techno and black metal all the way through to dub. Quality!

    Label: Cosmo Rhythmatic

    Cat No: CR14

    Format: 12" Vinyl LP

    Genre: Ambient /  Experimental / Techno

    Released: 15th April 2021


    A1. Rakkn

    A2. Raaa

    A3. Raaha

    A4. Rapaa

    B1. Rakas

    B2. Ranno

    B3. Raato

    B4. Rapine