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Kashual Plastik

Various Artists - Labyrinth of Memories

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  • Phenomenal record, incredibly packaged. Housed in a maniacal smorgasbord of mixed materials, card, cloth, screen prints, wallpaper, foil, photographs, and sweetmeats (possibly).

    Label: Kashual Plastik


    Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Housed in Handmade Gatefold Sleeve w/ Prints

    Genre: Ambient / Drone / Modern Classical / Abstract / Experimental / Electronic

    Released: August 2021


    A1. Speedbooth - Something I Built

    A2.Teresa Winter - Gods Heart

    A3. Brannten Schnüre - Kleine Wolke

    A4. People Skills - Poem for Brant Lowe

    A5. Kirschstein & Agnes Beil - Sommerzeit Erntezeit

    A6. Massimo Del Corpo - Continuo

    A7. Hypnotic Sleep - Födder Maut Eck Gaohn

    B1. Speedbooth - Above the Shop

    B2. A Happy Return - Ancient of Days

    B3. Monokultur - Inget att bry sig om,

    B4. Stefan Christensen - A Week's Pass

    B5. Jonnine - Stare too long

    B6. Bobby Would - Eternal decision

    B7. Genghis Cohn - Butterflies

    B8. The Fulmars - Gertrud

    C1. Suburban Cracked Collective - Karl the Killer

    C2. Leighton Craig - Galaxy

    C3. Pumice - Necklace on a Necklace

    C4. Omen - Cant Look

    C5. Mosquitoes - Minus six (dub)

    C6. Maxine Funke - Lucky Penny

    C7. James & Vanessa - Yrt

    C8. Paul Arambula - On the Shed

    D1. Lathe Burin - Schraffur unserer Schritte

    D2. A Happy Return - Vision of a Fool

    D3. Cucina Povera - Lintuja

    D4. Omen - Go

    D5. Läuten der Seele - Spiegelungen auf der Gartenteichfolie

    D6. Laure Boer - Constellations

    D7. Loopsel - Svalorna

    D8. Thomas Bush - Private Dancer