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The Trilogy Tapes

The Trilogy Tapes KNYX Canoe Radio T-Shirt Black

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  • The Trilogy Tapes K.N.Y.X. Canoe T-Shirt is an Out Of Joint favourite, it’s Ben’s pick of the bunch. The graphic appeared a year or so ago as the flyer for Will Bankhead’s TTT K.N.Y.X. Radio show. We’re not quite sure what K.N.Y.X. Radio is, which surprises us. We thought we knew all the niche online radio stations. But we’ve listened to most of The Trilogy Tapes shows on there. And ‘there’ pretty much means on The Trilogy Tapes Soundcloud, as K.N.Y.X. is either really hard to find or is a mythological radio station that Will made up to put out a great mix of great tunes. If anyone out there can drop a little knowledge on this subject please get in touch.