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Skins - Never Cursed (ஒேபா சபகபடதிைல)

Skins - Never Cursed (ஒேபா சபகபடதிைல)

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Another spacious, out of this world communication from the mysterious O___o? imprint. Skins take us on a haunting astral trip through ambient noise, lush textures and far out IDM fragments employing a rich palette of violin, piano, guitars, organs  and blissed out sound collages. It's a record with deep contemplative moments of calming melancholia that suddenly turn down darker corridors of dread with some epic moments of decayed noise that give it a hard edge. A beautiful, twisted journey that's well worth grabbing a ticket for. Highly appealing stuff!

Label: O___o?

Cat No: O___o008

Format: Clear 12" Vinyl LP

Genre: Ambient / Experimental

Release Date: 17th February 2023


A1. my life, my soul, and all that i sacrifice (எ வாைக, எ உய, எலா தா தியாக ெசகிேற)

A2. write it off (அைத அைணக)

A3. thick skin (தத ேதா)

A4. tidying a tide (ஓ அைல)

A5. tidying a tide (ஓ அைல)

B1. when will the leaves at my window turn green (இைலக எேபா எ ஐனலி பைச நிறமாக மா)

B2. hide (மைறக)

B3. my looking glass (எ கணா)

B4. at the altar (பலிபட தி)

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