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Ruth Mascelli - A Night At The Baths

Ruth Mascelli - A Night At The Baths

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Up next on disciples is the brilliant debut solo album from Ruth Mascelli of New Orleans no wave/glam/industrial group Special Interest.

Ruth Mascelli comments: “This album is an audio diary of adventures had at various bathhouses, dark rooms, and gay clubs while on tour with Special Interest and traveling on my own. It was a way of wrapping my head around my own experiences in those very specific surroundings but also an attempt to connect to the current of queer history flowing through those spaces. Cruising dystopia, libidinal contact, anonymity & risk - rites of passage with a potent lineage.

I was in a particularly dark and cavernous sex club when I heard an unstable melody crackling from down the hall. Instead of a proper sound system this place had the kind of network of tinny intercom speakers you would find in a school. The sound of a degraded pop song several rooms away getting lost amidst the chorus of heavy breathing was the starting point for this project.

I think of each individual track as it’s own room or physical space. Some may be lonely, some crowded, but I tried to leave them open enough to walk around and explore.”

Label: Disciples

Cat No: DISC8

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Genre: Techno / House / Ambient

Released: 30th July 2021


A1. Sauna

A2. Petri Dish

A3. One For the Voyeurs

B1. Libidinal Surplus

B2. Hydrotherapy

B3. Circle Of Shit

B4. Sunrise

B5. Missing Men

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