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PHEW - Vertigo KO

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  • A compilation of unreleased material from the Light Sleep and Voice Hardcore sessions alongside specially recorded new material, including a cover of “The Void” by The Raincoats. Both formats include a 20 page zine designed by Studio Tape Echo featuring photography from Masayuki Shioda and writing from both Disciples and Phew. It follows on from a limited edition cassette and digital release of Phew’s music on Disicples called Vertical Jamming, which compiled some of the cult Japanese artist’s longform drone works.

    “This album is an unconscious sound sketch. It was recorded in Japan from 2017 to 2019, a closed and obstructive time. It is not a presentation of a worldview, but a personal documentary music of the late 2010s. The hidden message of this album is: What a terrible world we live in, but let's survive.” - Phew

    Label: Disciples

    Cat No: DISC7

    Format: 12" Vinyl LP

    Genre: Drone / Ambient / Experimental

    Released: 9th September 2020


    A1. The Very Ears Of Morning

    A2. The Void

    A3. Let's Dance Let's Go

    B1. The Very Ears Of Dusk

    B2. All That Vertigo

    B3. Midnight Awakening

    B4. Hearts And Flowers