Ontology & Msymiakos - KINGKROOL008 (Import)

Ontology & Msymiakos - KINGKROOL008 (Import)

King K Rool Records

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Label: King K Rool Records


Format: 12" Vinyl (Import)

Release Date: 29th May 2020


A1. Ontology - Serious Business

A2. Msymiakos - Need It Bad (Ontology Remix)

A3. Sneaky Tom & Muscles Mouse - Make Up The Dance (Msymiakos Remix)

B1. Msymiakos - Take Your Socks Off First

B2. The Meditator - Mash Down (Msymiakos Ruckus Mix)

B3. The Meditator - Mash Down (Msymiakos Rollers Mix)

Jam packed Jungle 12" from King K Rool Records. You know the drill by now, if you see the crocodile stamp, it's gonna pack a punch! Includes two belting remixes of The Meditator's "Mash Down". Ace.


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