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  • Wonderful deep diving drone and noise, full of textures and hunting sounds. Some sound like being stuck at the docks in the middle of a dark foggy night surrounded by huge cargo ships knocking and clunking in the dark.  

    Label: Downwards

    Cat No: DNLP50

    Format: 12" Vinyl LP

    Genre: Ambient / Drone

    Released: 4th November 2021


    A1. Untitled 1. (Terminal Starfall)

    A2. Untitled 2. (October Mission)

    A3. Untitled 3. (Auburn Vacuum)

    A4. Untitled 4. (Attachment Areas)

    B1. Untitled 5. (Deepening Ground)

    B2. Untitled 6. (Dedicated Tear)

    B3. Untitled 7. (Raising Ocean)

    B4. Untitled 8. (Skeleton Scars)

    B5. Untitled 9. (Cold Walls)