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Mønic - Trawler Tapes

Mønic - Trawler Tapes

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The cold salty spray from the vast ocean stings your skin every time it swells up and evaporates into the grey backed sky which lurches over you like a blanket of melancholy memories. But you feel nothing apart from the warmth of knowing that you have been here before and that as cold and bleak as the view before you looks to your glazed, worn out eyes, it has a familiarity which comforts every bone and muscle in your body. The fires back in the small brick houses next to the harbour will be burning bright waiting for your return and as long as you don't fall over board you will see you favourite old dog curled up at your feet once more. This album is everything and more, the perfect balance of sound and vision.

Label: Downwards

Cat No: DNLP52

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Genre: Ambient / Drone / Experimental

Released: 6th January 2022


A1. H-NET 1

A2. H-NET 2

A3. H-NET 3

A4. H-NET 4

A5. H-NET 5

A6. H-NET 6

B1. T-NET 1

B2. T-NET 2

B3. T-NET 3

B4. T-NET 4

B5. T-NET 5

B6. T-NET 6

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