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Hive Mind Records

Mohammed After Hussain & PAQ - Matir Gaan: Songs From The Earth

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  • Mohammed After Hussain and PAQ combine to bring us this collection of wonderful deep psychedelic folk songs that were collected on Mohammed's journeys towards Italy as a refugee from Bangladesh. When in Italy he started to combine his talents with PAQ's deep lush synth sounds and this album was born. Through out this album the past ages and the present intertwine together to give deep and textural picture in which you can drive your mind through it's landscapes of villages and pastural mountains, every song feels like you are turning the page of a historical archive. Hive Mind is a label that keep providing us with records of such high importance, we recommend everything they do, this is music to hold close to your heart.

    Label: Hive Mind Records

    Cat No: HMRLP017

    Format: Limited Edition 12" Vinyl LP

    Genre: World / Folk / African

    Released: 22nd March 2022


    A1. The Whole Day Slipped Away (Helay Khelay Moner Anonde Din Furailo - Intro)

    A2. You Fed Me Poison And Called It Honey (Modhu Hoi Hoi Bish Khawaila)

    A3. Where Has My Beloved Gone? (Kar Bashore Roilo Bondhu)

    A4. The Whole Day Slipped Away (Helay Khelay Moner Anonde Din Furailo)

    A5. My Soul Is A Bird In This Cage Of Earth (Matiro Pinjira Amar Koira Gela Khali)

    B1. Pakhawaj

    B2. This Golden Cage Of Mine (Shonaro Pinjira Aamar)

    B3. Harmonium

    B4. The Day Our Souls United (Attate Mishaia Atta)

    B5. Shomapti