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Time Capsule

Gratien Midonet - A Cosmic Poet Revisited

Gratien Midonet - A Cosmic Poet Revisited

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Gratien Midonet's political, cosmic-folk mysticisms are giving new life and context on this fantastic remix EP from the wonderful Time Capsule. A must have pairing to the brilliant "A Cosmic Poet From Martinique 1979-1989" LP released earlier this year.

On the A-Side, Sapporo-based producer and sound designer Kuniyuki Takahashi tugs at the spiritual threads of Midonet’s ‘Osana’ to unravel the sun-soaked funk devotional into an 11-minute deep house odyssey.

Up next, London-based Time Capsule boss Kay Suzuki’s soft touch rework of ‘Roulo’ emphasises the organic syncopation of Midonet’s original to craft a tantalising slow-burner that ebbs and flows with a natural ease.

Closing out proceedings, Romanian duo Khidja provide an acid-tinged adaptation of ‘La Reine’, the final track of the Time Capsule compilation. A minimalist affair which nods towards kosmische musik in its forward motion, Khidja bring the loose drums and elastic synth lines to the front on what is a fittingly euphoric climax to the EP.

Label: Time Capsule

Cat No: TIME011

Format: 12" Vinyl LP

Genre: World / House / Techno / Experimental

Released: 30th April 2021


A1. Osana (Kuniyuki Remix)

B1. Roulo (Kay Suzuki Remix)

B2. La Rein (Khidja Remix)

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