Consulate - E-FAX005

Consulate - E-FAX005


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Label: Art-E-Fax

Cat No: E-FAX005

Format: 12" Vinyl

Released: 28.02.2020


A1. Consulate - In the Throne Room

A2. Consulate - Heraldry

B1. Consulate - Serpentrising

B2. Consulate - RZ Canin

A short story soundtracked by Consulate:
Track 1 - skipping into the rave, reefer on the go, and you're just about to hit a tab...!
Track 2 - you stumble into the blue room, gun shots going off!!! locking and loading all over the place..? f*!!
Track 3 - huh? sounds like the DJ is playing a lost Photek production at half speed - oh wait...I'm tripping, good sh*t though!
Track 4 - you're out the other side, pure rave/ euphoria..."I love my m8's, now where did I leave them?!"

A short description:
4 dubbed-out cuts in deep rave mode...


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