• Brendan Behan - Confessions

    Brendan Behan - Confessions

    ‘Fascinating, historically important and previously publicly unheard recordings of the great Irish author and playwright Brendan Behan.These tapes became the source for his book Confessions of an Irish Rebel, posthumously published in 1965 following his tragic death the year before. They were recorded by his friend and confidante Rae Jeffs in the Chelsea Hotel, NYC in 1960.Tranferred for the first time from the original 1/4” tapes, with a sleeve made from another unseen artefact from Jeffs' archive - a postcard from Brendan to Rae.’ Label: TREADER Cat No: TRDLP010 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre...

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  • J Spaceman and J Coxon - Play The Red Krayola Live 1967

    J Spaceman and J Coxon - Play The Red Krayola Live 1967

    Experimental is definitely what we’re pigeon holing this one. Weird and wonderful noises. Testing for some. Can you take it? This is how it was described to us; The idea was to attempt to do a cover version of The Red Krayola’s radical and unrepeatable performance at the Angry Arts Festival in 1967. J Spaceman and J Coxon listened, separately, to the recordings from the Venice Pavilion Concert and then got together to try to play a version of it without rehearsal. This is a recording of that that anti-rehearsal which they then attempted to repeat in NYC a week later at the  the Art and Lang...

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  • Low & Spring Heel Jack - Bombscare EP - Out Of Joint Records

    Low & Spring Heel Jack - Bombscare EP

    Cat No: TRDEP001 Format: 12" vinyl - first time reissue - limited edition pressing, housed in a coloured Tip-on jacket, with clarifoil lamination. Includes 11x11" insert. Tracklist: A1. Bombscare A2. Hand So Small B1. So Easy (So Far) B2. Way Behind Simply sublime collaboration from quiet rockers Low and experimental electronic duo Spring Heel Jack. Spring Heel Jack provides the musical collage as a background for the harmonies and solo vocals of Low's Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk, creating a beautiful icy cathedral of sound. Highly recommended listening!

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