• Bukkha - Inna Rubadub EP

    Bukkha - Inna Rubadub EP

    A weighty, contemporary dub offering from Bukkha out on the LoDubs imprint. With features from Germany's Jane Bee, Jahtari Alumnus Roger Robinson and Sarah Tobias. Completed with fantastic artwork and served up on a bright red 12" Vinyl. Label: LoDubs Cat No: LODUBS-1221027 Format: Red 12" Vinyl Genre: Dub / Reggae Release Date: 12th November 2021 Tracklist: A1. Dandelion - Time For The Rebel A2. Bukkha Meets Sarah Tobias - Inna Rubadub (Sax & Flute Cut) B1. Jane Bee & Roger Robinson - End of The Line B2. Bukkha - Inna Rubadub Version lodubsrecords · Bukkha - Inna Rubadub - LODUBS...

  • Clubroot - Clubroot I (2 x 12" LP) (Pre-order) - Out Of Joint Records

    Clubroot - Clubroot I (2 x 12" LP)

    The first in Clubroot's self-titled LP trilogy for LoDubs. Eight tracks of spacey dubstep and gloomy garage atmospheres across two 12" plates. Otherworldly sci-fi vibes throughout with plenty of low end action. Top stuff! Label: LoDubs Cat No: LODUBS-00902LP Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Release Date: 5th June 2020Genre: Dubstep / Garage / Bass Tracklist: A1. Clubroot - Low Pressure Zone A2. Clubroot - Embryo B1. Clubroot - High Strung B2. Clubroot - Lucid Dream C1. Clubroot - Talisman C2. Clubroot - Nexus D1. Clubroot - Sempiternal D2. Clubroot - Serendipity Dub Clubroot · Clubroot

  • Egoless - Before / After EP (Pre-order) - Out Of Joint Records

    Egoless - Before / After EP

    Label: LoDubs Cat No: LODUBS-1212024 Format: 12" Vinyl Release Date: 5th June 2020 Genre: Dub / Reggae Tracklist: A1. Egoless - Before Dub B1. Egoless - Woodpecker's Groove B2. Egoless - The Day After The Riot lodubsrecords · LODUBS-1212024 - Egoless - Before/After EP

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  • Egoless - Rainbow Dub (Pre-order) - Out Of Joint Records

    Egoless - Rainbow Dub

    Label: LoDubs Cat No: LODUBS-1211022 Format: 12" Vinyl Release Date: 5th June 2020 Genre: Dub / Reggae Tracklist: A1. Egoless - Rainbow Dub ft Irie FM B1. Egoless - Rainbow Dub (Demo)

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