• Adam X - Acid Archives 92-94

    Adam X - Acid Archives 92-94

    Insanely good compilation of 90's Acid Techno belters from Adam X on L.I.E.S. Label: L.I.E.S. Cat No: LIES152 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP (US Import) Genre: Techno / Acid Released: 16th September 2020 Tracklist: A1. X- Heart - Electropolis A2. X-Heart - Peaking Toms A3. Adam X - Faces Of Death B1. Adam X - Octane Propelant B2. Adam X - Untitled Acid From 1994 B3. Adam X - Chemical Spill C1. Adam X - What's That? C2. Adam X - House Of Horror C3. Adam X Vs ADSX - Acid Over Weisbaden D1. X-Crash - Urban Bass D2. Trope Vs X-Crash - The Morgue L.I.E.S. · Adam X-Unreleased Acid from 1994 (LIES-152)

  • Delroy Edwards - Slap Happy LP - Out Of Joint Records

    Delroy Edwards - Slap Happy LP

    Delroy Edwards keeps things burning old skool style with this brilliant new LP for L.I.E.S. Expect back to basics, all killer Chicago House packed with sparse beats, 80s synth stabs and 727 latin percussion. Great stuff. Highly recommended listening. Label: L.I.E.S Cat No: LIES150 Format: 12" Vinyl LP (Import) Tracklist: A1. Slap Happy A2. Snake Eyes A3. Buckeye Beats A4. Nightmare House B1. Rock This Place B2. Just Jam B3. Fire House B4. I Am The One

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  • DJ Overdose ‎- Emulator Armour (Cassette)

    DJ Overdose ‎- Emulator Armour (Cassette)

    DJ Overdose with thirteen darkside, drum-machine driven, lowland electro cuts for the fantastic L.I.E.S. NYC. Super limited cassette edition.  Label: L.I.E.S. Records Cat No: LIES159 Format: Cassette Genre: Techno / Electro / Acid Released: 5th June 2020 Tracklist: A1. 5X4 A2. This World A3. Time I Get Nasty A4. Dinges Danges A5. Bow To The Devourer A6. Kekko B1. 3000 B2. Turns Out Eddy Has Now Friends B3. Halsslagader B4. RaZor B5. Stekker B6. Kotero B7. What Do I Know DJ Overdose · Emulator Armour

  • JFK - Avalanche Zone

    JFK - Avalanche Zone

    The latest from New York and Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. imprint; Anthony Di Franco debuts on the label with his infamous JFK project. As expected, this is a hard and distorted release, a perfect fit for L.I.E.S. records, and one that only adds gravitas to both the JFK and L.I.E.S. back catalogue. An all encompassing, overwhelming weighty release. Label: L.I.E.S. Cat No: LIES140 Format: 12" Vinyl  Genre: Techno / Industrial Released: 18th April 2021 Tracklist: A1. Pullulator A2. Embryo A3. Ophidian B1. Amniotic Comfort B2. Avalanche Zone B3. Pattern Of Descent L.I.E.S. · JFK-EMBRYO (LIES-140)

  • JT Whitfield - Untitled (LIES148)

    JT Whitfield - Untitled (LIES148)

    Straight from the depths of the burgeoning Austin, Texas weirdo scene, JT Whitfield delivers a six track mini-lp for L.I.E.S. after an impressive run of releases for Chondritic Sound.Whitfield follows suit where he left off on his cut from last years Eminent Domain comp. with absolutely punishing slow beatdriven industrial electronics. This is for true fans of metal on metal music as these tracks desperately plod and grind, ripping apart everything in sight. The appropriate soundtrack to endtimes.Featuring cover photo by the cult NYC street photographer Richard Sandler, the first in a serie...

  • Kowton ‎- LIES 105

    Kowton ‎- LIES 105

    Livity Sounds Kowton with an hour of complete madness for NYC's L.I.E.S Records. Super limited! Label: L.I.E.S. Records Cat No: LIES105 Format: Cassette / Mixtape Genre: Techno / Drum & Bass / Breakbeat / Mix Released: 16th July 2021 Tracklist: A1. Side A B1. Side B

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  • Lipelis ‎- Wild 7" Mix

    Lipelis ‎- Wild 7" Mix

    Moscow's finest Lipelis with an absolutley killer 7" mix for L.I.E.S. Essential freak zone stuff to bump in your whip. Ace! Label: L.I.E.S. Records Cat No: LIES147 Format: Cassette / Mixtape Genre: House / Mix Released: December 2019 Tracklist: A1. Side A B1. Side B

  • Ploy - Unlit Signals

    Ploy - Unlit Signals

    UK bass producer Ploy pours his dark soul out on his intensely captivating debut album for L.I.E.S. Drawing on the energy of passed decades of the UK dance music scene and pairing them with harder, noisier and all together more industrial influences that carry his sound into a world all of its own. Proper good UK forward-thinking Techno. Ace! First issued as a cassette-only release in early summer, now available on double LP.  Label: L.I.E.S. Cat No: LIES137 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Techno Released: 6th November 2020 Tracklist: A1. GlutchA2. Clubtek B1. Dog Ants B2. Pax Cultura C1. M...

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  • Robert Bergman - S/T - Out Of Joint Records

    Robert Bergman - S/T

    Brand new in from a label we've been looking forward to stocking for quite some time now and we couldn't be happier that they have started to arrive. Killer techno thumpers from Robert Bergman for the mighty L.I.E.S records. Tip! Label: L.I.E.S Cat No: LIES149 Format: 12" Vinyl (Import) Released: 17th April 2020 Tracklist: A1. The Sleeziest A2. What's On Your Mind B1. All The Way B2. Quick Escape  

  • Teste - Graphic Depictions

    Teste - Graphic Depictions

    The cult techno outfit "Teste" digs up and re-transmits sonic archives forming a new 2 x LP for L.I.E.S. Artwork licensed from legendary NYC street photographer Richard Sandler in appropriate fashion. LP comes with a giant newsprint poster as well. Top stuff! Label: L.I.E.S. Cat No: LIES151 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl (US Import) Genre: Techno Released: 1st October 2020 Tracklist: A1. Graphic Depictions A2. Depressive Technoid Slop A3. Demoni A4. Used Rubbers B1. Depraved Human Indifference B2. Onscreen Atrocities B3. Apocalypse Sutra B4. Every Year People Disappear C1. Blod Eld Dod C2. Romans Ar...

  • Ye Gods - Demah (2 x 12" Vinyl LP)

    Ye Gods - Demah (2 x 12" Vinyl LP)

    Killer, harsh and intense industrial techno double LP from Ye Gods on the excellent L.I.E.S. imprint.   Label: L.I.E.S. Cat No: LIES157 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Techno / Industrial Released: 6th November 2020 Tracklist: A1. Flames Fall From The Sky A2. Prayer B1. Approach B2. Palaces C1. Sacrifice C2. Unfolding D1. With Total Precision D2. Gilded Eternity L.I.E.S. · Ye Gods-Flames Fall From The Sky (LIES-157)

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