• Mønic - In a Certain Light

    Mønic - In a Certain Light

    After a run of EP's, singles and fantastic remixes, Simon Shreeve's Mønic delivers full-length LP "In A Certain Light". The album continues his explorations of ambience, texture, industrial landscapes and dark, overcast drone. Perfect listening for those cold winter nights. Lovely stuff! Label: Downwards Cat No: DNLP26 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Drone Released: 23rd July 2020 Tracklist: A1. From Sun To Sun A2. Where Can I Find You Now? A3. Field Work A4. Reversed Language A5. Cut Through The Noise B1. In A Certain Light B2. Infant Cry B3. Solar Enemy B4. Life Dissolved Into Sleep...

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    Wonderful deep diving drone and noise, full of textures and hunting sounds. Some sound like being stuck at the docks in the middle of a dark foggy night surrounded by huge cargo ships knocking and clunking in the dark.     NONEXISTENT - NONEXISTENT  Label: Downwards Cat No: DNLP50 Format: 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Ambient / Drone Released: 4th November 2021 Tracklist: A1. Untitled 1. (Terminal Starfall) A2. Untitled 2. (October Mission) A3. Untitled 3. (Auburn Vacuum) A4. Untitled 4. (Attachment Areas) B1. Untitled 5. (Deepening Ground) B2. Untitled 6. (Dedicated Tear) B3. Untitled 7. (Raising Oc...

  • Regis - Hidden In This Is The Light That You Miss

    Regis - Hidden In This Is The Light That You Miss

    A masterclass in high grade, industrial rhythmic noise from Regis, his first LP since 2001. Excellent Label: Downwards Cat No: DNLP028 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Techno / Industrial / Wave Released: 12th June 2020 Tracklist: A1. Calling Down A Curse A2. Eros In Tangiers B1. The Blind Departing B2. I See Fire C1. Alone Of All Her Sex C2. The Sun Rose Pure D1. Cracked Earth D2. Another Kind Of Love D3. Everything Is Ahead Of Us

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  • Regis - Penetration

    Regis - Penetration

    Regis’ highly influential “Penetration” LP returns to vinyl courtesy of Downwards. A deadly slab of walloping, gothic, industrial machine funk techno thats a must own for all techno heads. Heavy stuff! 20th anniversary edition pressed on clear vinyl, edition of 500 copies. Mastered by Simon Shreeve and cut at The Exchange, with new artwork. Label: Downwards Cat No: LIN030 Format: 2 x 12" Clear Vinyl LP Genre: Techno / Industrial Released: 7th October 2021 Tracklist: A1. Get On Your Knees A2. Slave to the Inevitable A3. Her Surrender B1. It's A Man's World B2. Thirst C1. White Stains C2. Wh...

  • Regis - The Floor Will Rise

    Regis - The Floor Will Rise

    Regis returns with another behemoth LP of reduced, dark, industrial Techno. A masterclass of the sound from one of the best. Highly Recommended!  Label: Downwards Cat No: LIN089 Format: Blue Coloured 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Techno / Industrial / Musique Concrète Released: 11th June 2021 Tracklist: A1. Epidaurus live extract 1 A2. Calling Down a Curse live A3. Clean Air live B1. The Blind Departing live B2. Epidaurus live extract 2 B3. Temporary Thing (Soundcheck Instrumental)

  • Regis - Tongue Box

    Regis - Tongue Box

    Regis returns for his 2nd album of 2020 with a selection of slick reworked and remastered recordings from his time with the departed Blackest Ever Black label. Masterfully sophisticated techno from one of the genre's best. Massively recommended! Label: Downwards Cat No: DNRE04 Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl LP Genre: Techno Released: 6th November 2020 Tracklist: 1. Blood Witness (Restructured) 2.Blinding Horses (Restructured) 3.Blinding Horses (StableBoy Mix) 4.Manbait (Restructured) 5.The Solution 6.Masterside 1 (Remastered) 7.Masterside 2 (Remastered)

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